Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Copy and Paste

Have we met?
Peer reviewer Tatiana Sharahy, M.D. is an internist with an office in Richmond Hill, New York. Peer reviewer William Ross M.D. is a physician with an office in Mineola, New York. According to the affidavits submitted by Dr. Sharahy and Dr. Ross they “have no business or professional relationship.” Despite having no affiliation and despite maintaining offices in different counties both physicians submitted nearly identical peer reviews in totally different matters. Both peer reviews were obtained through an entity known as Support Claims ServicesRespondent submitted affidavits from each doctor attempting to explain these remarkable “coincidences”. Shockingly both affidavits are virtually identical. They both contain the caption in exactly the same format and matching paragraphs including paragraph number 4 which reads:
As part of my regular duties and responsibilities, and in the regular course of business, I am assigned to review medical files assigned to be by SCS for the purpose of determining whether the medical services rendered were medically necessary. Following my review of the medical documentation assigned to me, I prepare a report known as a “peer review”, which sets forth my medical opinion as to whether the medical services rendered were medically necessary.
It is not known whether the doctors, the peer review company, or Respondent is behind this deception. I will leave that conclusion to the appropriate authorities and personnel to decide. However, it is clear the two virtually identical peer review reports submitted herein are not a coincidence and are not credible.

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