Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Buddy System

IME doctors have been known to misrepresent the amount of time, quality, and substance of their examinations.  This is no surprise to those that have been at the short end of that stick or watched someone poked with that very short end.

Sometimes the buddy system is used to prevent drowning or getting hit by a bus.  New companies (no idea how new, just new to me) have cropped up that use that same system to keep IME doctors from shoving your head underwater or throwing you in front of a bus.  It is sad that it has come to this, but alas, it has become seemingly necessary.  Turkewitz mentioned a few (see link above), which I will now list along with some other(s) I have found.

I'm sure that someone out there will run across this, sitting up at night worried about the stress of an IME that will last two minutes and determine how much pain they are forced to endure and they will be wondering "will the IME doctor completely screw me."  To that we say, "yeah, probably."

Note that we get nothing from any of these services.  As of now they don't even know we exist.

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