Thursday, July 11, 2013

Double your freshness

Conjoined doctors.
Dr. Russ found minimal tenderness to palpation over the posterior aspect with limited range of motion with forward abduction to 120° (180 normal,), forward flexion to 120° (180 normal) internal rotation to 80° (90 normal), and external rotation to 80° (90 normal). Impingement sign was negative. Dr. Russ suggests that the range of motion losses were due to the affirmative acts of the assignor and not due to injury. In doing so, his language in his report is word for word the same as the language of Dr. Emanuel.
 In examining all the proof, the proof of the applicant outweighs that of the respondent. The respondent puts forth two independent medical examinations, both of which demonstrate substantial loss of range of motion in the shoulder but both independent medical examiners conclude that those losses are not the result of injury or pain, but the result of the assignor failing to conduct those tests in an honest fashion. Curiously, the language used by both examiners is identical and works to diminish its persuasive value.

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