Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Looks familiar

"The peer reviewer herein, Julio Westerband, M.D. is a board certified orthopedic surgeon with an office in New York, New York according to the New York State Education Department Website. The peer review submitted by Respondent does not list any address for Dr. Westerband. The peer reviewer in Staten Island Medical and Surgical Supply, Inc. was Stanley Ross M.D. who is also a board certified orthopedic surgeon but with offices in Queens County and Nassau County. Despite having no apparent affiliation and despite maintaining offices in different counties both physicians submitted nearly identical peer reviews in totally different matters. Both peer reviews were obtained through an entity known as Support Claims Services. Significantly and of utmost concern is the fact this has occurred before and has involved Respondent and Support Claims Services. See, Phata Medical Supply a/a/o AA v. Geico, AAA # 41200921738 and Pahta Medical Supply, Inc., a/a/o RM v. GEICO, AAA # 412009021726. Moreover, another arbitrator has also discovered similar findings. See, U & R City Supply, Inc. v. Geico, 412009047617 (Arb Lori Ehrlich 4/8/10)  
As I noted before, it is not known whether the doctors, Support Claims Services, or Respondent is behind this deception. I will leave that conclusion to the appropriate authorities and personnel to decide. However, it is abundantly clear the two virtually identical peer review reports submitted herein are not a coincidence and are not credible. It is also clear this is not an isolated occurrence."

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